Endemika is a Global Pop and Club label, party provider based out of London and Santiago.


DJ Caso

An integral part of the Chilean turntablism movement in the late 90s, DJ Caso – AKA Sebastián Rojas – entered Chile’s booming hip hop scene at the age of fifteen. Having participated in the production of over forty-five separate musical projects, his list of collaborators includes Latin American A-listers such as Los Tetas, DJ Raff and Bitman.


Lainus is an Andean electro-pop project headed by Chilean multi-instrumentalist Alfredo Ibarra.

Lainus just joined Endemika Records, and is out with a new self-titled LP which was mostly composed in New Zealand, and subsequently recorded in Chile. The album is nothing short of a psychedelic audio landscape, full of misty vocals and vintage analogue synthesizers, that dim like a summer sunset.

Miss Garrison

Francisca Straube´s voice is beautifully haunting, not to mention she also plays the drums like a midnight monster. Together with her band mates, Tomás Rivera, Rodrigo de la Rivera and Matías López, Francisca leads Santiago’s genre bending electronic post-rock project, Miss Garrison.

The band began back in 2008, and have literally not stopped moving. After releasing their debut LP, “Tira y Empuje”on Sello Azul and touring the hell out of Argentina and Chile, they spent a year playing in Spain.

In between rocking venues around Europe, they somehow found time to record a second album, “deAaB”, which was accompanied by two remix albums, featuring some of Chile's most prominent musicians.

Picnic Kibun

Picnic Kibun (PK) is Japanglish for picnic “vibe” or “feeling”.

Best friends and musical partners since 2007, Harvey Tatsu Jones, Juan Necochea and Miss Garrison´s Fran Straube, have been pushing Santiago’s underground scene to its limits. PK released their first LP, “Fiebre Tágada”, in 2009 and have since followed up with three EP's:“Taganga”, “Megalinda” and most recent, "Semilla" in 2013.

Musicians by day and DJs by night, PK have a dirty reputation for bringing sex to the dance floor.

Tatsu Jones

Born in Japan and raised around the world, Tatsu Jones is a London-based DJ, producer, vocalist and head of Endemika. Founding member of electro hip-pop outfit Picnic Kibun, Tatsu is preparing the release of his debut solo material for late 2014.

Having just released a remix for Chilean post punkers Miss Garrison, Tatsu is preparing his solo debut EP due early 2014.


Tunacola is a Chilean electronic hip-pop project formed in 2010 by producer and frontman Richi Tunacola, singer Pau Arismendi and turntabalist Dj Caso. Their sound is dancefloor ready and is a mix of tinny 90´s videogame synth melodies and sexy Spanglish lyrics.

They released their first self titled album "Tunacola" in 2011, having some songs scored in six international films, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of “The Ting Tings” and “Girl Talk”.

Tunacola has just finished touring extensively through Mexico and New York in 2013, and are putting the finishing touches on their second LP out in 2014.


ZEBRA was born under the hot Santiago sun sometime around 2012, when DJ/Producer, Roman (MKRNI/Roman & Castro), and two members of TREBOLES, Miguel Irarrazaval and Enrique Escala, got together to form something unexpectedly beautiful. They wanted to experiment with ideas they had not been able explore in their respective projects.

One decadent summer later, the result was a sophisticated combination of new wave synth-pop-electro-funk-nu-disco, with some really catchy melodies and intricate arrangements. With this material, they released two EP's: “AD Portas I” and "Summerlove".

Zebra has recently finished production on a new release, which will carry the title of "Dimension", and is scheduled for 2014.

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